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Ale Aleuy, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral fellow


Contact information



DVM, Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile, 2008

MPVM, University of California Davis, USA, 2013

PhD, University of Calgary, Canada, 2019


I am a Chilean wildlife veterinarian and ecologist with a strong interest in wildlife disease ecology, conservation and the impact of climate change on disease dynamics. In my project at Rohr’s lab, I bridge multidisciplinary science with applied conservation actions to improve our understanding of the role of Prosthenorchis sp., a newly described acanthocephalan parasite, in the decline of the San Miguel Island fox population in California. Specifically, I expect to quantify the cost of Prosthenorchis sp. and use this information to determine the sensitivity of fox population recovery to different management actions.


OA Aleuy, E Serrano, KE Ruckstuhl, et al. Parasite intensity drives fetal development and sex allocation in a wild ungulate. Sci Rep 10, 15626 (2020).

OA Aleuy, S Kutz. Adaptations, life-history traits and ecological mechanisms of parasites to survive extremes and environmental unpredictability in the face of climate change. International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife 12, 308-317 (2020).

SJ Peacock, F Mavrot, M Tomaselli,  A Hanke, H Fenton, R Nathoo, OA Aleuy, J Di Francesco, et al. Linking co-monitoring to co-management: bringing together local, traditional, and scientific knowledge in a wildlife status assessment framework. Arctic Science. 6(3): 247-266.

OA Aleuy, S Peacock, EP Hoberg, KE Ruckstuhl, T Brooks, M Aranas, S Kutz. Phenotypic plasticity and local adaptation in freeze tolerance: Implications for parasite dynamics in a changing world. International Journal for Parasitology, 50, 2 (2020).

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