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Emily Selland, B.S.
Ph.D Candidate


Contact Information


B.S.  Animal Science, Cornell University, 2019


My research interests lie at the intersection of sustainable agriculture and disease ecology; namely, how human disease can be mitigated by improving human interactions with animals and the environment. I am passionate about understanding effective and scalable solutions to disease transmission in local communities and the communication of science to the public. As such, I work on research projects in Senegal and Kenya revolving around the ecological transmission of schistosomiasis that is mitigated by the aquatic snail hosts. I investigate ecological drivers of snail populations and their spread of disease, the intersection of ecological risk and human behavior, and mechanisms of intervention to disrupt transmission.


Michael B. Mahon, Alexandra Sack, O. Alejandro Aleuy, Carly Barbera, Ethan Brown, Heather Buelow, David J. Civitello, Jeremy M. Cohen, Luz de Wit, Meghan Forstchen, Fletcher W. Halliday, Patrick Heffernan, Sarah A. Knutie, Alexis Korotasz, Joanna G. Larson, Samantha L. Rumschlag, Emily Selland, Alexander Shepack, Nitin Vincent, Jason R. Rohr. Global change drivers and the risk of infectious disease. Nature. Accepted February 2024.


Kelsey L. Adams, Emily K. Selland, Bailey C. Willett, John W. Carew, Charles Vidoudez, Naresh Singh, Flaminia Catteruccia. Selection for insecticide resistance can promote Plasmodium falciparum infection in Anopheles. PLOS Pathogens. June 2023.


Irene Rojas-Núñez, Adriana Morales Gomez, Emily K. Selland, Theresa Oduol, Stephanie Wolf, Scott Palmer, Hussni Mohammed. Levels of serum Phosphorylated Neurofilament Heavy subunit in clinically healthy Standardbred horses. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science. March 2022.


Kelsey L. Adams, Daniel G. Abernathy, Bailey C. Willett, Emily K. Selland, Maurice A. Itoe, Flaminia Catteruccia. Wolbachia cifB induces cytoplasmic incompatibility in the malaria mosquito vector. Nature Microbiology. November 2021.

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