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Qinghua Zhao, Ph.D.

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Ph.D.  Aquatic ecology and water quality management Group, Wageningen University, 2021.


My work focuses on the earlier warming signals of infectious disease outbreaks and the key roles of anthropogenic activities. One of key goals is to find liable indicators to prevent disease outbreaks before pandemic, which can reduce financial burden and ensure public health. Before joining Rohr lab, I used to be an ecologist and ecotoxicologist. Combing theoretical tools with practice is the research tool I use.


Qinghua Zhao, Paul J. Van den Brink, Chi Xu, Shaopeng Wang, Adam T. Clark, Canan Karakoç, George Sugihara, Claire E. Widdicombe, Angus Atkinson, Shin-ichiro S. Matsuzaki, Ryuichiro Shinohara, Shuiqing He, Yingying. X. G. Wang & Frederik De Laender. 2023. Relationships of temperature and biodiversity with stability of natural aquatic food webs. Nature Communications 14 3507.

Qinghua Zhao, Paul J. Van den Brink, Camille Carpentier, Yingying X. G. Wang, Pablo Rodríguez-Sánchez, Chi Xu, Silke Vollbrecht, Frits Gillissen, Marlies Vollebregt, Shaopeng Wang, Frederik De Laender. 2019. Ecology Letters, 22, 1152-1162.

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